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I SHOUTED! xD :hug:
Fri Dec 26, 2014, 9:10 AM
Sorry about that thing that happened in you tokota page
Tue Aug 12, 2014, 4:29 PM
Hea-chan!!!! How are you sis?!
Thu May 15, 2014, 9:39 PM
Shoutbox is now open for shouts! :la:
Sat Apr 27, 2013, 10:40 AM

Where is a place in this earth that you have always ALWAYS wanted to visit (or have visited) and the culture and mysteries have always piqued your interest so far that you've even done research on these places? 

2 deviants said Comment with your answers. :)
1 deviant said Im personally curious


3 Image Pack Tokota only
 Up to 3 animals

-Handler (s)
-HQ bg
-( 1 hunting| 1 fishing | 1 exploration) or 3 of 1 choice
- Will write LIT. and make it so HP stacks to 100 once all images complete
--PB or PL (for tokotas)
Handler reference
Dakeini by Heca-Bitch4Life  Reference: Daiaki by Heca-Bitch4Life Reference: Maverick by Heca-Bitch4Life

-Need general description and all information OR i can creat an entire character for you history ect
Single Hunting or Training

--Full colored/shaded
--HQ Bg
--1000 word Story
Arius by Heca-Bitch4Life Animal ILU Page Baby by Heca-Bitch4Life Love Notes by Heca-Bitch4Life Com:Aura Borealis Baby by Heca-Bitch4Life

-small add in item:


BCRS Sunna
BDSM Hototos

Horse ID 
Horse name: Sunna
--Stable name: 
Sunny or rocket
Breed: Pure Hototo
-- Registration: Registered
--Previous owners: N/A
Gender: :bulletblue: stallion
Age: 50-100
Height: 21.1 hh
--Genotype:  CobClu/ee/Ata/nSty
--Phenotype: Diamond Cobalt Blue Blood Chestnut
LVL 1 - Halter
LVL 1 - Liberty
LVL 0 - Dressage
LVL 0 - Haute Ecole
LVL 0 - Show Jumping
LVL 0 - Endurance
LVL 0 - Cross Country
LVL 0 - Flat Race
LVL 0 - Endurance Race
LVL 0 - Timed Track
LVL 0 - Hunter Competition


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
BCRS Dellingr Trophy FINEST Trophy
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 
SJS Bronimir Trophy FINEST Trophy
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
SJS Avalon Trophy FINEST Trophy
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: 
SJS Bebinn Trophy FINEST Trophy
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 


-If you wish to lease Note me. Leasing will be compensated for with either Breedings or :P (Lick)oints: .
#foal deviant reason [Mate #] 


• DHS Jaska 




Current Finest system points

General Points
Bullet; Green A Jullelin designed Hototo = 2 CP

Bullet; Green A general picture of the Hototo, fullbody (no competition/breeding pictures)= 1 CP
dance of the sun and moon +1
Taking over the world +1
Sunna +1
mani and sunna +1
Birdie out of the nest +1
Green Fields +1

Bullet; Green A headshot of the Hototo = 0,5 CP
BCRS FINEST: Dellingr .5

Bullet; Green A competition picture outside of Hototos = 1,5 CP - (2 CP for Placement 1st to 6th placement)

Bullet; Green For each completed generation in the pedigree (starts with sire and dam) = 1 CP
--For each offspring = 0,5 CP
points from Bloodline:
-Each "Each complete " in lineage: 2pts 
-Each "Finest Blood" in lineage: 3pts 
BCRS Dellingr +3
SJS Bebinn +3
SJS Bronimir +3
SJS Avalon +3
Bullet; Green A story containing at least 1000 words= 0,5 CP

Bullet; Green A drawing containing a Drakehest will grant you additional 0,5 CP per Drakehest in the drawing.

Shows Within the Group

Bullet; GreenParticipation for a standard gate contest: 1 CP
dance of the sun and moon +1
Taking over the world +1
--3rd place: 1,5 CP

--2nd place: 2 CP

--1st place: 3 CP

Bullet; Green Participation for a dressage show: 2 CP
--3rd place: 2,5 CP

--2nd place: 3 CP

--1st place: 4 CP

Bullet; Green Participation for a Haute Ecole show: 3 CP
--3rd place: 4 CP

--2nd place: 6 CP

--1st place: 8 CP

© 2013 Jullelin  


Heca-Bitch4Life's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Denaira | Female | Faunt by brytewolf
Hototo love Pixel Freyr by AccountMoving ::RQ:: Dragon by lizziecat1279
Hair: Natural blonde (though i cant say its stayed that way. Its been many colors)

Eyes: Hazel brown in certain instances gold/lightbrown/takes on a green tint

Height: 6'1 (yea im an amazon i know)

Weight: 220 pounds (yursh i fat i know)

Ethnicity: Caucasian (thats the easiest way to write Hawaiian/Maori/Chinese/German/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Russian/German/British/American Indian/Japanese and i think Swedish)

Currently living: Olympia, Washington

Bio: Im a 18 year old wild child living here in Waianae Hawaii soon to be high school graduate (grad 2013) Im honestly my own worse enemy when it comes to everything that i do. Iv got one hell of a personality and i often times dont come off as mean but if i do im either having a bad day or you brought it down upon yourself.
Im not very sociable but when it comes to DA im rather ........ 'Free' meaning i dont filter myself much. Iv been doing art since i could pick up a pencil and up until recently i was an ONLY traditional artist but since then iv found a passion in 3D arts using the program Autodesk Maya.
Im a hopeless romantic and my art goes to show this in detail but i see no issue with it. Not one to back down im a fighter which has developed a mule like stubbornness that gets me in trouble more often than not. My parents have been split up since i was 18 months old and iv lived a rather fucked up life from then to now :/
On the side of art and school and my horror story little life iv ridden and loved horses since i could walk and talk. My mother and her family have built up a carrier of their own in dressage, cross and show jumping and iv followed suit.
if youve got Question for me/about me dont be afraid to note me and ask I dont bite (people iv just met)
Arius Page Angel by AccountMoving Little Douglas Page Monster by AccountMoving

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